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Your 24-hour Christmas Station!

Tell Alexa, or google “listen to LITE FM 103.3”.

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Interested in helping a family in need this Christmas season?
Lite FM proudly supports Cares for Christmas, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities to assist people who live in the Cache Valley, Utah area. This organization identifies people who need help but are not actively searching for it. Each family has been nominated by a trusted source that knows them personally. These families have unique circumstances and will be strengthened by your generosity and love this holiday season. Some of them are in need of warm clothes. Others would like a new toy or useful items.

Family 1

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Family 2

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Family 3

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Family 4

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Family 5

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Family 6

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Logan Gift Show

Kick off the holidays at the Logan Gift Show - November 8 & 9 at the Riverwoods Conference Center. Browse over 70 booths with fun holiday decor and one-of-a-kind gifts made by local vendors. Bring the kids to see Santa Claus and enjoy delicious snacks and food! Learn more

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